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Plush Paws Pet Salon specializes in all breed grooming and bathing for your loved ones

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We offer a variety of washable and semi permanent pet-safe dyes if your pet is looking for a makeover or simply wants to hide a couple of those grey hairs

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All pets need love and patience, even those with behavioral issues. We've seen it all, and we treat them with respect all the same. Healthwise, we are also quite knowledgable about skin treatment, prevention and much more!

Upgrade Your Pets Look. Add Some Style.

Our Team of seasoned professionals are ready to take your pets haircut to the next level. We make our trade into a form of art.

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Conveniently Located. Orlando Proud.

You can find us nestled away in charming College Park. There are lots of fantastic eateries and shops to occupy your time as we transform your pets into a sculpturesque, more confident version of themselves.

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